Sunday, May 27, 2018

. . . . . Before New Growth . . . . .

I continue to struggle to find time to create.... 
but a few nights ago, I found myself with an hour or two of time. 
It was supposed to be an hour or two of cleaning time, 
but I gave myself permission to create instead. 

It has been a late spring here, and the leaves were not out...
and this inspired me to find some of my winter tree photographs
and create this tiny accordion style book. 

I  enjoyed this creative time

and knowing I will have more time soon makes me smile. 

Until then this will have to do....

so I called this piece 'Before New Growth'

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

More Etched Metal Jewelry

I have been busy making etched metal jewelry. 
I haven't done it for a long time,
but when I was asked to do a jewelry project in the local high school
I thought etched metal would be lots of fun. 

In order to prepare I made a variety of pieces 
and ended up with lots of necklaces - long and short necklaces
- with bigger etched pieces and small etched pieces 
- with pieces of squiggly wrapped wire or not
- and mounted on a cotton cord or a wire circle.

and one bracelet.....

I can't wait to see what the students create!

Monday, April 30, 2018

In The Classroom

I am going into the local grade 10 art class every day this week
to teach them how to make etched metal jewelry. 

Here are some earrings I made as ideas of what they could make. 

I think my favourite is this etched bug...... 
but I have some necklaces in the works - so perhaps this will change. 
I am looking forward to seeing what they create!
. . . . and I will share some necklace images soon - I promise :-) 

Monday, April 23, 2018

A New Medium to Play With

I have always been intrigued by traditional rug hooking....
but I knew it wasn't for me.  

Then I saw punchneedle creations, and I so wanted to give it a try. 
One day I saw that The Crafter's Box had created a kit taught by Bookhou 
and I placed an order.......

..... and this is what I made. 

I placed it among some of my other creations 
on the little ledge on the railing of my loft studio.
It may get moved again, but for now I like it there. 

I loved the process and can't wait to try some more pieces of my own design 
- but for now other projects are waiting there turn!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Thoughts on Blogging....

I love blogging. 
 I like to have time to take a number of photographs of the creations I have made.
I like to edit and crop them a bit. 
I like to think about how I made something and what I can tell people about it. 
I like to share a bit more then just the image. 

And ..... even though it is easier just to post a quick picture on instagram 
(which I do - my link is in the sidebar if you are instagramer)
 I do hope to still be here sharing a bit more about what I create
 - it makes me happy. 

So today I share with you a mixed media creation on an emptied out tea bag.
 (actually it is on a tea bag and a third - one wasn't quite big enough) 

It was made using a couple of photographs I took, a drawing, 
some paint and ink and of course a bit of collage bits.  
A final coat of paste wax gives it a beautiful finish and adds some depth. 

Same process different end product. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit. 

....... and oh yah - Happy Earth Day!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Creating with Tea Bags. . . . . Again

As many of you probably know
I love creating with tea bags.

But... it seems like it has been a while since I have created with them. 
So I started off by adding a few of my photographs to tea bags 
thinking I would have time to make a whole stack. 

.... and here is the ONE I managed to finish!

It started with this photo

and then I added some collage bits, paint, wax and pen marks.  

I am not sure when I will get time to create with the rest of them.... but I am hoping that it is soon!

Although I love blogging it doesn't seem like I get to it as often as I would like, 
and therefore have started posting on Instagram.  

Feel free to follow along with my creations there if you would like. (click the link below!)

Monday, March 5, 2018

Matchbook Notepads - Tutorial

I realize that many people don't use notepads anymore,
but I am a list maker - and love having little notepads handy at all times. 

I always have scraps of card-stock and plain paper that is leftover from bigger projects, 
as well as a never ending supply of hand decorated paper.

So I thought I would share how to make these matchbook notepads. 

Gather scraps of notepaper, card-stock and decorated paper.

     Cut the pieces to size and then glue 
      the decorated paper to the card-stock. 

Fold the decorated card-stock so that it has a small flap at the bottom and
insert the stack of notepaper. 

Staple the pages and the folded flap similar to a matchbook cover.

Fold the top part over and tuck it under the stapled piece.  
If it is too long, trim it a bit. 

Once it is the the right size and tucked under the flap, crease the top. 

If you don't have any decorated paper.... you can always use a piece out of a magazine. 

When I make them I seem to end up with quite a stack of them. 

But.... that isn't really a problem!