Monday, June 29, 2015

Collection of Pins

These collection of pins have been in my mind
and on my work table for months. 

They are made from pieces of scrape metal for the backing 
with a piece of recycled paper that I painted and stamped over
and then covered with resin. 

I picture them being worn separately or in groups of two or three.

I pinned them onto mailing tags that I joined together so they can stand up. 

And because it was a nice day, this was my work station for the day. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Bowl Binge

I enjoyed making bowls out of egg carton pulp for my 
Art at the Dump project,
so I decided to make a few more. 

I had been wanting to try making a bigger one

And so I made this one. 

I decorated it by adding some layers of tea bag paper
and some stamped on tissue paper and a bit of paint. 

I finished it off with a layer of wax medium to give it a nice finish.

I made a little ball of paper pulp as well, and decorated it in the same colours.
When you swirl the bowl, the ball rolls around in it very nicely.... it is funny the little things that bring me delight. 

I also finished a couple of small size bowls. 

This one was painted.... 

And this one was covered with layers of coloured tissue paper. 

They can't hold soup or anything,
but I think they will look great  holding all my many treasures
(probably rocks..... )

Besides building bowls, 
I have been trying to get out and enjoy our summer. 

I went hiking with my daughter and her friend

And we enjoyed some time taking pictures together. 

More hiking adventures and bowl making are in the works!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cabinet of Curiosites

As part of the 'Art at the Dump' project
I drew and collaged this piece
on a paper covered piece of cardboard 
(paper and cardboard both acquired from the dump).

I used it to decorate the door of the 'Cabinet of Curiosities'

Inside the cabinet I added the pieces I created,
but left lots of room for pieces that community members were going to create.

I had fun playing with used light bulbs. 
 I added a hat and balls made out of egg carton paper pulp to this one,
and secured it to a block of wood with a furnace filter (found at the dump). 
The filter took a lot of work to clean up, but worked really well to secure the light bulb. 

This emptied light bulb is filled with feathers.  

The cabinet also contains bowls made out out egg carton paper pulp and
decorated with coloured sewing pattern paper,

corks decorated with hand carved stamps

and wooden blocks (found at the dump) decorated with collage and drawings. 

 After a day of community creating
where I was very busy helping so many people (mostly kids & youth)
create items for the cabinet, our cabinet was full.  

Some of the kids actually took their creations home,
which was fine as the cabinet still had lots of wonderful creations.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Art At The Dump

About a month ago I was asked to be involved with a project
to create art from what could be found at the local dump. 

Living in a small community, we don't have garbage pick up, 
everyone takes their own garbage, and recycling items to the dump. 
The dump has a separate metal section
 as well as a section with lots of wood bits.

Attached to the building that holds the recycled items
there is a free store where items that are not garbage are put,
 and people can take them if they need them.

It is actually a pretty busy place with people not only bringing items,
but also picking up items that they may need
- especially since the closest hardware store is 100 miles away.

I spent some time there and found this old medicine cabinet 
that I thought I could turn into something.

So I scrubbed it down, hammered out a few dents and gave it a coat of paint. 

I also found some corks, a box of dominoes, a roll of paper, egg cartons,
 some old sewing patterns, used light bulbs and some pieces of wood 
that I used as the bases to create a variety of little items. 

I added some ink, paint, glue and some drawings from my supply at home
 to complete the pieces.

I also made some little bowls by shaping some mushed up egg carton pulp around a ball I found at the dump, and decorated them with coloured sewing patterns. 

There is more to this story, 
as I also spent a day at the dump 
getting community members to make items 
that were put on the shelves in the cabinet that became
a cabinet of curiosities.

Pictures of how it all came together will be posted soon...... I promise.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Limited Creative Time

Springtime  is my busiest time of year at my day job, 
which gives me very little creative time. 

But I managed to find a bit of time to play with bits of paper and pencil
on an old piece of cardboard that I slapped some white paint on. 

Creating keeps me from going crazy
during  these busy work filled days.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Pencil and Collage

I continue on working in my 'For the Love of Play' journal.

The pages started with a few stamps, and then some bits of collage
and were finished with some pencil drawings. 

I enjoyed creating these pages so much that I continued on 
with the same supplies on the next pages. 

I have to move on to a different project now, 
so not sure when I will get back to playing in this little journal
that I enjoy so much.