Sunday, September 14, 2014

Season of Hope

Another piece I made for the 
'I Too Will Something Make'  exhibition. 

It is called 
'Season of Hope'
and is a combination of collage, ink, paint. pastels and wax medium.

It changed so many times during its making
and buried into one layer is an image of an old cabin.

It landed here - and I said done.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I Too Will Something Make

11 members of our local art guild are presently showing a collection of our creations
in a gallery in Whitehorse (100 miles away).

All of our creations are influenced by the beautiful natural world 
that is all around us.

 Unfortunately the lighting the day I took these images was not good
But I needed to pack up my pieces and get them to the gallery,
and I didn't want this piece to leave without having a few pictures of it. 

The title of the exhibition

"I Too Will Something Make" 
(from a poem by Robert Bridges)
 was about the joy that creating brings to all of us. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Close to Home

Lately I seem to struggle with words,
and giving this creation a title was difficult.

And I almost didn't title it.
But it is heading to an exhibition, 
and therefore it was said a title was needed. 

So I sat quietly with my creation. 
It's story buried within.

I knew it was about being rooted
I knew it was about the depth and strength of self 

But then I learned that self was also home - 
my body being home for the me within.

The story continued and told the tale of taking opportunities that are all around us.
Of  reaching to places that are not so comfortable -  be they near or far,
while still staying true to self,
or as the title says -  'Close to Home'.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Maybe Just Maybe

Maybe as the summer season begins to wind down
I will begin to find more time to create.

But I don't want summer to end 
I just want more time to create.

Maybe there is a way to have both summer days and creative time?
Or at least I can hope.

This journal has been slowly progressing over the past few weeks

For now the pages are blank
Maybe I will fill them,
 Maybe I will put it out into the world for someone else to fill.

Maybe one day I will use this computer altered piece in another creation
Maybe just maybe.

But for now I am heading out to enjoy a beautiful summer day.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Creative Comfort Zone

My creative comfort zone lately has been working with the bird drawings 
I did at the beginning of the year. 

I have been enjoying using these drawings together with bits of 
ink, paper, paint and pencil
to create original collages. 

When I don't have too much time to create
It is so nice to have a  creative comfort zone to come back to.

Creating makes me happy
And this piece was no exception,
even if it was within the comfort zone.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Grand Adventure

My daughter has been talking about doing this hike the past week or so.
So even though I knew it would be a long one, I asked if I could join her. 
And off we went for a grand adventure. 

First of all I should tell you this trip follows a bit of a beaten path in places,
 and a well marked trail for a few kilometers, 
but the toughest sections you are really on your own for. 
We started by spending about 3 hours climbing straight up from the highway you can see far below.
And with my fear of heights this had some challenging and difficult moments for me. 

When we reached the top the view was spectacular 
in all directions.

And we rested for a bit.
This image looks very still - but in real life the wind was howling all around us. 

There were numerous alpine flowers

the colours in the lake were spectacular

and beautiful patterns filled our camera frame.

The mountains go in all directions for mile after mile,

and are home to many Dall Sheep.

Some of which got a little too close. 

We followed the little beaten trail 
along the mountain top

many feet up above the valley floor. 

for mile after mile, until we eventually made it down again. 

Time - 8 hours 
Distance - 16 kms/10 miles
Elevation Gain -  1312metres/4300 ft
Aching Muscles - Many
Adventure - A Grand One!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


I called it  findings
in the hope that I could 
find some time
 to find the creativity
that lately seems to 
be slipping through my fingers.

I worked so hard to find it
and now I have to work hard to keep it.