Friday, January 15, 2010

Another lesson

Here are some bits and pieces for the new book I was hoping to make. I don't know when it will happen, as my creating time is very very limited right now, and the time I do have I will be working on the online portrait class I am taking.(started today)

More bits and pieces. These bits are made from used tea bags that I let dry out, and empty the dry tea out of - wash and dry and iron. I then stamped and painted on them with inks and coated them with a gel medium. Eventually they will show up in the book. . . . . . that could be a long time in coming though.

As a preassignment for the portrait class we were asked to draw masks. We are also supposed to have a flickr and facebook account. I started both of them, had lots of trouble with the flickr account, decided to deactivate my facebook account, and will keep trying with flickr. I am supposed to upload images to flickr, and I did but they wouldn't show up. After much frustration I went to the help section, and it says that if I have a new account I will need to upload 5 images before it will show up on the group pool account! Oh well.... I will continue to live and learn - - - - - patience - - - - - - look in the help section earlier.
I need to remember - What will be will be.

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  1. Sorry you are having technical troubles! Dont you kind of hate the technical side of creating?! I am going to try and upload my photo assignments now, so hopefully that goes well! I love your tea bag creations! I have been making Krisin save her tea bags for me. Very cool masks, hope your class goes well!