Friday, August 20, 2010

Jewelry Play

I am taking an online jewelry course from Stephanie Lee. It started a week and a half ago - but I just started playing with things, as my supplies were slow to arrive. Today I had a day off work, and I spent the whole day learning to solder. I had a torch, and metals, and solder and flux and cutters and pliers etc. all spread out around me.... and with some trepidation I turned on the flame and learned to solder. The above are decorative pieces that I may incorporate into some jewelry.

And here are some bezels I made - to eventually be filled with something nice

and some small pieces that I thought I may make into earrings. We will see what becomes of it down the road, once I have learned some more. I am of course LOVING the course!
Tomorrow though is back to the day job - so the jewellry play time will have to wait.


  1. Looks like you are having fun! Off to a good start...

  2. looks great- so how is it to be taking on on-line jewelry class?!