Saturday, November 20, 2010


Thursday night was my first of the two craft sales I am doing. It was held in the small town I live in, and only lasts for 2 hours. But what a busy 2 hours it was. The town only has about 800 people, and yet I always sell so much more than I think I will. This is of course great, and it makes me smile to be so supported by this small community. I sold out of a number of items. The hard part of this is that next weekend, is the bigger sale that I am in, and I don't have much time to restock my creations.
And so I have been busy today making more earrings, as I nearly sold out of those.

I love the look of metal with bits of wispy silk, and the middle earrings have pearls I bought in Bali last year.

Besides earrings, I packaged up some original mixed media creations, and now am going to try to make some more cards. I will have time tomorrow, but after that it is back to my busy week of work and regular family activities - so not too much time to create.
P.S. The messiness of my studio has seemed to take over the rest of my house - but I didn't take a picture of that to share!

when you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. ~ rumi


  1. Sheesh! Back to back weekend sales are tough! Good luck cranking out some more work~

  2. perfect quote to carry us through the holiday rush.

    your earring cards are the perfect accent for your jewelry! beautiful ~

    i hope you do really well at the next fest as well ~