Saturday, December 4, 2010

Paper Christmas Stockings

For Christmas this year, my husband wanted to send stockings full of presents to his sister and family. When we went to buy stockings, I decided that I should make them instead of buying them - and because I prefer to sew paper to material, I decided to make them out of paper.
To make them I got big pieces of heavish paper - they were actually old posters that I have saved and used for various projects. I painted on a thin layer of water on the white side of the paper, and then drew with bottles of water based inkers, and let the ink run. I continued to move the ink around by using my paint brush to spread the colour. I then let the sheets dry, and stamped with foam stamps and white craft paint.
When everything was dry, I cut out stocking shapes, ensuring the stockings were wide enough in the curved area that we could put in the presents. I reinforced the top of the stocking by gluing in an extra layer of heavy paper , and then I sewed them together - and added a bit of detail with a black marker.
I like them much better than the store bought stockings.

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  1. These are gorgeous Kim!!! Great work. And what an ingenious use of old posters.