Sunday, January 2, 2011

Creative Time

During this Christmas Season, I have enjoyed having some time to create without the pressure of having to produce things to sell, or to give as gifts. I have spent my time creating for the pleasure of creating. I have enjoyed it immensely, and have followed my muse wherever she wanted to take me. Unfortunately it means I have a few unfinished projects, as one bit of creating often headed me in a different direction. Oh well.....

One project I did was designing and carving these two stamps. I have other stamps in the designed stage..... just not sure when I will get to the carving stage.

This is a cover of a book that I used these two stamps on. I will actually fold one of these the other way, so that it will sit as the inside cover. You will see the the face of the bird on the outside cover, and when you open it you will see the tail of the bird on the inside cover. On the back inside cover there will be the face of the bird, and the back outside cover will have the tail of the bird.
Will it get done?...... I don't know, as tomorrow is my last day of holidays, and then
we are back to the busyness of our lives
- jobs, driving and hockey.....

1 comment:

  1. Good morning, Kim ... it's so inspiring to get a look at what you're working on. Awesome stamps, something I've never attempted. Keep creating!
    and have a wonderful New Year.