Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wee Book Continued

As promised I wanted to show more of the wee book I made while I was in Nova Scotia.

Sometimes the need to create is so great that unless I do it I find myself feeling grumpy inside for no reason. This was the case when this booklet was made. I knew I needed to make something - I had taken some paper, pens and a small watercolour set with me.

And close to our inn was an art supply store that carried these lovely rolls of tape.

And so with paper, pen, tape and paint I set out to see what I could make. I taped pages together to make a little booklet....
and then drew and painted little images to tape onto each page. The pages were bound together with tape inside,

as well as tape along the spine.

I haven't done pen and watercolour drawings before, so I just decided to play and see what would happen.

The booklet sits nicely in a star like shape on my shelf.

I enjoy the puzzle of making something out of whatever I have on hand.


  1. Really? You haven't done pen and watercolor drawings before? I'm pretty new to your blog and would have assumed that was your normal medium! They are delightful and alive and the color scheme is so pleasing to me and then add the cuteness of the wee book and you've got it all going on!
    xoxo Kim

  2. Pretty, pretty!!
    I love using those cute masking tapes as wrapping but never thought to use them like you have, so clever!!

  3. your wee little book is lovely. I adore this. I love the use of the tapes and I would have assumed you were much more comfortable with pen and watercolor than you say!

    if you have time and interest, I would be honored if you would consider joining a community art project I'm trying to get off the ground:

    I could extend the due date some also.

  4. Well the words "what do you mean you haven't done pen and watercolor drawings before" escaped my lips the second I read this post. You are a natural. I hope, hope you do more of this work. It's exquisite. Lovely. Precious. I absolutely love this. *smiles* Norma

  5. What a lovely little book. I love the water color ink drawings, So soft and pretty. I have the same watercolor set and also the same mixed media sketchbook! I have since found a sketchbook with lovely cream pages that handles mixed media well. I like the contrast of the torn tape with the delicate drawings.:)

  6. Wow, you made a terrific pen and watercolor book. I came from Pink House Studio to see your blog. I'm glad I did.

  7. This lil' book is fantastic!! I love it. And I can't believe what a natural you are at pen and watercolor drawings! Truly remarkable!


  8. The Wee book has me dreaming....