Saturday, July 7, 2012


The theme this month at the Sketchbook Challenge is CIRCLES!  I have always loved circles, and have a journal that I am drawing in that has many pages with at least a few circles on. 

But I decided to show this one, as it contains a whole tree made of circles. 

I went on a day trip a few days ago to some cabins that are falling apart and took a number of pictures.... I was going to share some of them later, but because of the circle theme, I thought I would at least share these few circle ones.

And in case you were wondering how they were taken, the pegs in the boards of this cabin were gone, so we put up our camera to the hole, and these lovely pictures presented themselves.


  1. Cool pictures! And I still like your circle tree! (wish I had thought of that! LOL)

  2. Beautiful sketches. Love the photos,what a great effect using the peg holes like that.

  3. Clever photos. Instant mask without photoshop

  4. I just LOVE the circle tree. Nice photos, too--clever POV

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