Saturday, October 6, 2012



Lately I have been busy puttering as I try to clean up my creative space.

I puttered with my hand carved stamps and stamped them onto some paper I dyed
 to make some wee cards.

I puttered with a piece of drift wood,  a pressed leaf and some bits of coloured paper.
 All then wrapped in a thin coating of smooth paste wax.

And I puttered with some art tags that I drew and collaged onto. 

I love to do some art puttering 
when really I am supposed to be cleaning the studio. 
AND I finally added some creations to my Etsy Shop!


  1. Oooh, looks like fun to me! I'm supposed to be cleaning things up around here too, but... I really love your handcarved stamps. Have a fun weekend! Kath

  2. never heard of "puttering" before, but thanks to google I know now what it means, and hooray, I putter a lot too!
    lovely tags! (keep on puttering ☺)

  3. I love your putterings! Did you carve that bird stamp? How did you do that shading on him? He looks great!
    I wore your necklace the other day and got a compliment from a fellow at the coffee shop! I love wearing it :) it has a good energy~

  4. Puttering is always better than cleaning! And you do it so well! The tags are great!

  5. Beautiful puttering Kim, I especially love the birdie on the tag!!

  6. You know how to putter. when I putter I nibble, stare into space and trip over my dogs. I do the "putter" thing all wrong! The butterfly piece, I like the compostion and the bird tag is so rich in color and has such a finshed polished feel. The two designs one open, one full...shows how talented you are. You have a good grasp on design.

  7. Gorgeous work from puttering, you are a talented lady ! Happy Thanksgiving, Shirleyx

  8. GORGEOUS...all is great ...amazing post!

  9. Beautiful puttering ~ you do it so well! I love what you did with the driftwood, all such lovely art pieces, Kim.

  10. I just love your beautiful.
    ohhh, I just saw the SNOW on the post below....
    I love winter but everytime the first snow arrives I am not ready for it:) looks beautiful and look at those!

  11. You sound like me when I try to clean my studio! I end up uncovering lost treasures!

  12. hi kim,
    you have a wonderful blog and I'm happy that you take part in the drawing challenge!
    have a creative week, mano

  13. Hi Kim, Thanks for your comment!!!
    Hey I like your tags and all your creations!!!

  14. What fun cleaning your studio is!!! I love your stamped cards and that bird!! What personality she has...