Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pendants From Old Bits

I have been wanting to make some more jewelry for a while, and finally got around to it.  These pendants have a piece of reclaimed metal on the back that I cut out of a piece of strapping metal. I filed them down, added a layer of paper out of an old book that I painted and stamped onto and then covered them with a layer of resin and wax. 

I usually make short necklaces, as I tend to wear those more than longer ones, but I have been noticing many lovely longer necklaces, so I added long pieces of chain (two types of chain) to these pendants.

This image does not show off the pendant well, as it has much more depth then you can see here.  I did want to show that you could wear the necklace long....

or if you wrap the chain twice around your neck before fastening it you can wear it as a short necklace as well.

I have a few other ones in the making that I will hang on a cord instead of a chain.... but I would love to know if you prefer to wear long necklaces or short ones!


  1. Lovely necklaces! I don’t like to wear jewelry…I like the IDEA of jewelry (and I can appreciate a beautifully crafted piece) but I don’t like how it feels against my skin. Sorry I couldn’t help you out! LOL

  2. Very cute! Another world of technics for me, but I love it - hugs Nat

  3. Kim I love the way that you make everything sound like it was no effort to you, you seem to be able to make anything you put your mind to and I love that about you, you never disappoint in your blog posts!!

    As for the length of a necklace well I always prefer short ones but that's because I am a big boobed lady and a long one would get swallowed up lol ;o)

  4. really beautiful!! I prefer short ones!
    :-) mano

  5. Dear Kim, just lovely work here! I myself love the longer necklaces because I don't like things tight around my neck. You do seem like you can make anything, and it is all beautiful!

  6. I think the long ones will be winners especially since you can double them up to make shorter ones as you've shown. They ought to be good sellers as it seems to me lately folks aren't putting out the money for bigger necklaces right now and these are nicely casual and so beautiful too.
    I prefer the long ones since I see everyone is weighing in! ( and I don't have Micki's problem, ha!)
    Last day in the studio for me today before we pack up and head south and just one more show to do in Fairbanks this weekend. Supposed to be minus 25, Oh boy! You'll probably be getting the same eh?

  7. these are so elegant, kim, every one - i personally only wear short necklaces now, but used to wear longer ones. like to longer chains that allows two lengths possible.
    miserable dark rainy night here, glad i can go visiting in blogland! -sus

  8. They have such a nice glow about them.

  9. These are beautiful!
    I just started wearing longer styles this year and love them.

  10. These pendants are lovely. I just found your blog so going to explore.:)

  11. oh, those are beautiful!!! I love the one with the flower you wear. but the birds are so fantastic, too.
    I do not often wear necklaces, I prefer fingerrings. But if so not to short.
    x Stefanie

  12. you are just so clever......long is really in at the moment:)

  13. Those are really cute! I love accessories that are close to nature and simple accessories. I guess these are a combination of both.

    Paige Low