Thursday, June 20, 2013

Finding Blue

Once a month I have been joining Julie and Jennifer in the search for different colours of the rainbow.

It is time to search for BLUE.  

I found it in my daughter's high school graduation class
(she is at the end - one with the braid, not the scowl)

Muted blues show up in some of my creations

Or sometimes to help pop the red. 

Or in the presence of brown. 

Blue often shows up in nature.

 In the mountains and sky that  I see out my window.

And a beautiful blue in the glass my sister made from a bottle. 

But my favourite photo with blue is this one of my daughter taken 2 weeks ago at  her high school graduation.

Discover more BLUE at Julie and Jennifer's  


  1. Very lovely!, especially the muted blues.

    And congratulations to your daughter!!


  2. Kim- Thanks for playing along this month. I love your selection of blues (that little boat just calls to me!). Congratulations to your lovely daughter!

  3. These are all lovely blues. I especially like your gorgeous book cover, the brown umbellifer (against snow?) and, of course your lovely daughter.

  4. Your daughter is very very lovely as is all your blue here. Congratulations to your girl.

  5. kim, congratulations to you lovely daughter...

    i love all of the blues in your work; they're as subtle as the work itself...


  6. Beautifully pieces and fabulous photographs, Blue is such a calming clear colour.

  7. I agree, the best one is the picture of your daughter! She is beautiful!

  8. That boat is gorgeous! I just had to pin it!

  9. That's the view from your window!? Wow! Lovely blues and a beautiful daughter.

  10. this is beautiful! i LOVE that book, amazing, so amazing!! your daughter sure is a beauty. blue is a wonderful colour. jimi hendrix... electric blue... :)

  11. Hi, kim - a memorable collection of blues - congratulations to you and Daughter on her graduation. That's a mile-stone, a 'fork stuck in the road' as Greenday sang... Happy Solstice!

  12. Congratulation to your daughter on her Graduation - she's beautiful. I'm glad she wasn't the one with the scowl. Lovely collection of blues - and the view from your window is breathtaking!

  13. I want to congratulate your family and your daughter on her graduation. She looks like a dreamer to me, so full of hope and plans for the future! I also love the glasses made from bottles! Does your sister ever sell these? I will quit bugging you now with so many comments, I just had to catch up!