Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rocks With Birds

More rocks with birds have joined my collection. 

I had some questions about whether ones I made earlier were for sale
And yes they are and these are too.  


$9 - $12 (Canadian dollars -  which isn't doing too well lately)
Shipping:  $4 - Canada -  $6 - USA - $8 - elsewhere
(add $2 if you want more than 1 rock)
If you are interested, please leave me a comment or send me an email.


  1. How charming and beautiful these are, Kim!

  2. Hi Kim, Everything you touch turns to gold! Your work brings peace and calm. I'm so glad creating is a place of healing for you. I hope those headaches go away soon. Take care. xo Carole

  3. These are such beauts! I love them all, especially the little penguin fellow in the bottom photo. I may need him if he is still available. What wonderful little treasures!

  4. ME ME ME she says waving her hand high above her head! If the robin is still available I'm your girl. Let me know the total and I'll pop a check in the mail (or if you send me a PayPal request I will do it that way. Your choice.) You do such wonderful thing with rocks! (I bet you never thought you'd hear THAT compliment! LOL)

  5. These rocks are absolutely amazing!

  6. I would love to purchase one of your rocks if they are still available. You can email me with instructions for purchase at

  7. Hi Kim,
    I adore the bird rocks! I am interested in purchasing some. I live in Calgary. Could you please email me at and tell me what you have available still and how to pay you? I would love to hear from you ...
    Thanks so much for sharing your art with us. Best regards,

  8. are your bird-rocks painted directly onto rock? or painted on paper and collage onto rock? acrylic?

    1. Hi Jeannie, I transfer my bird drawings onto tea bags that I then glue onto the rocks, and then add colour (acrylic, or pastel, or whatever feels right at the moment)