Tuesday, May 20, 2014

An Unexpected Quiet

I have been working about 70 hours per week for the past month, 
and have missed having time and energy to create. 

Today I didn't work, and I have been busy creating. 

Paint, pastels, and ink meet up on these tea bags,
creating a piece that I am donating for a 
fund raiser for our local ski club. 

The frame the ski club provided me is a deep frame,
so I decided I needed to add some natural elements that have some depth.
So a couple of rocks and a beach stick were added.

And it is now headed to the fundraiser that is taking place in a couple of days. 

I called it 'An Unexpected Quiet'
Perhaps that is because that is what it gave me as I worked on it
or perhaps because that is what the place that the image depicts gives to me. 

Either way I have enjoyed An Unexpected Quiet today.


  1. Just amazing - how you have bought all those elements together - and the depth you have achieved - it is a lovely piece - fingers crossed for your fund raiser!! Cheers!!

  2. That is soooo cool! I love dimensional things on a piece of art! Hope it brings a TON of money! (What do you do that requires 70 hours a week????? besides motherhood, oh wait, that's 24/7!)

  3. A lovely piece. I'm sure it will raise lots of funds.

  4. love the mix of media and 2 & 3D ... it works so well...

  5. Lovely piece ...
    Your work is so meditative and peaceful - I'll bet you crave that after a 70 hr work week - I can't imagine! Take time to breathe!

  6. And so very lovely it is too. It speaks to me overwhelmingly of Western Canada ... the wilderness, the solitude, and all those pine trees. Viewing your piece from the populated southern UK reminds me and I long to see it all again.

  7. Beautiful piece, reminds me of my back yard. Lucky me, eh?

  8. Such a beautiful piece! When I need a moment of serenity I always find it in your lovely artwork!

  9. What a lovely creation; I love the addition of the rocks and stick. It looks perfect in that frame.

  10. Spectacular pieces. I guess all that pent up creative energy did its thing!