Saturday, September 20, 2014

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

To be honest I don't get summer vacations.
Working in the tourism industry like I do
where our season is from May to September 
 it is rare for me to get much time away from the job during the summer.

I worked long hours this summer, 
but I thought I would share a few of the highlights of things I did do.

WARNING - this post is full of images!

The above picture is taken from the helicopter 
as we were flying to the Lowell Glacier to do some work.


The images above are of the Lowell Glacier. 
The icebergs in the river are huge (many of them are the size of a house)

The area by the glacier is dry and windy


Younger daughter and I spent a beautiful day in August hiking 
to Thunder Egg Creek

It was August
but the leaves were already starting to change colour

These sandstone concretions
are locally called thunder eggs.

They form in the side of the cliffs, 
which erodes away over time,
and the thunder eggs roll down the cliff.

It was definitely a wonderful day spent together.


Older Daughter and I had a Grand Adventure that I previously shared here

And we also went for our 3rd annual visit to the Alaska coast
which is only a 2-3 hour drive away. 

The weather wasn't too nice,
but we had a great time poking around 

and collecting rocks on the beach.

And since there was no one around
and the tide was high

we shed some clothes 
and jumped into the ocean

(ok - my jump was more of a slither, and I didn't stay in long
It was VERY cold!)

The coastal trees were enshrouded in fog,
which was beautiful.
until the fog came down to the road, 
and our drive home through the fog was long and difficult.


And then right near the end of the summer,
I went for a plane ride over the glaciers and icefields
in hope to be able to see Mt. Logan (Canada's highest mountain)
The weather was too stormy, but the mountain and glacier views were still amazing.

So even though a lot of time was spent working this summer 
I still had some wonderful adventures. 


  1. Those coastal trees enshrouded with fog- beautiful!!

  2. You live in the most amazing place - love seeing it through your artful eyes. That last picture looks like snow hearts!

  3. Amazing photos! What a privilege to live there

  4. The photos of Lowell Glacier were stunning and wonderful. And it's your work? You must be in a constant state of wonder. What a pleasure browsing through all the images.

  5. Wow! What gorgeous sights you've seen. It's glorious!
    So different than my Vancouver Island views.

  6. Too stunned by the beauty to comment! Just simply...WOW!!!

  7. thank you, kim! the glaciers! they're mind boggling... and wow, i'm impressed you getting into the water - slithering or otherwise!

    day before yesterday i was hiking up a long 45 degree slope, gaining about 700' elevation, and i thought about you and your daughter on your amazing hike where you gained some insane amount of elevation. i told myself not to be so wimpy; what i was doing was nothing compared to what you did. ; )


  8. So much to say about this post……Nature is AMAZING, you are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place…and lastly are you CRAZY????? Jumping or slithering into icy water?????? (although.......that might feel quite nice in the midst of a hot flash..... :-/ )

  9. More adventures please, you do it so well....xxxx

  10. Gorgeous photos, Kim. I was just thinking about you today and realized I hadn't checked in on the blog world in quite a bit and there you were.
    I think our Indian summer ended today and the winter is well on it's way. xoxo

  11. Thanks for sharing these stunning photos. What a beautiful place this world is.

  12. I think spectacular is the only adjective fitting for your wonderful summer. My goodness you live in a beautiful place!

  13. Hi Kim, been a while since I checked in. Oh WOW, what a feast for the eyes..... you take great photos and a good eye for textures. Hope you are well and happy,


  14. Beautiful stunning images... what a wonderful way to spend a summer.

  15. What stunning scenery, and what beautiful photos! It sounds as if you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing.


  16. It appears that your daughters enjoy the things that you do and how wonderful that you do them together! I go to mountains as well. Colorado is our love, but any mountain, anywhere works for me! Beautiful images...thanks for sharing! Laura

  17. I can't believe this is your job... looks more like heaven to me...