Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My New Idea

I decided to try making a small day timer
In which you only carry around three months of days at a time.

Each page is one day 
at the beginning of the year you carry around January, February and March.

Here are the other nine small booklets for each month

At the end of January,
 you remove the filled January booklet,
move February and March forward and add April to its place.

A small day timer
that is easy to carry around, 
and still contains lots of space to write


  1. I love the idea! It looks like leather. . Greetings Miek

  2. A great idea, Kim. I love the covers and I wish my handwriting was as nice as yours. I shy away from writing on my projects in fear of spoiling them.

  3. What a lovely, very personal gift it would make for anyone who loves to write or draw! Beautiful!

  4. What a great idea! Leave it to you to come up with something so brilliant! :D

  5. Brilliant! Tell this the only one or will they be available for purchase? Sounds like fantastic gifts to me and it is getting to be that season...

  6. Very very clever, I am sure we will all be doing it next year. You have started a thing.

  7. Brillant idea, I need something like this, I make a diary every year but I always want it to be smaller (to carry around easily) and bigger (more space to stick/write/draw in) This looks like an idea to develop!