Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New Journal in Green

I used some of my collection of hand decorated bits of paper 

and my flower drawing, to decorate the cover of this new journal.

I enjoyed the process of making this journal even more than normal,
as I made it while showing my sister how to make a journal for herself. 
(sorry, no pictures of that... we were having too much fun to think about taking pictures)

The inside pages are made of watercolour paper.

The back cover  was also decorated with bits of torn paper, and a flower drawing. 

Green is not a colour I usually work with but is my sister's favourite colour
so perhaps why I decided on these colours. 
(The beautiful journal she made is burgundy and gold.)


  1. Green is also my favourite colour. I completely love what you did here. I have 'naked' journals as I am in more fear of their blankness than the usual 'blank page' :) x

  2. This is lovely. I would love to see the process of the making of one of your journals.

  3. Your sister must have had a wonderful time. Love your 'sitting on the ice' pics & your gorgeous Vein & journal books.

  4. This is lovely - that green just sings of spring and warmth!

  5. The journal is beautiful! Reminds me of spring. What fun to be able to do art with your sister - I could almost hear the laughter . . .

  6. kim, you make the nicest books... they so *inviting*.

    i've been wanting to tell you that i think about you every time i draw something - and think i'm doing an awful job... then i remember what you said a few posts ago about how you're not worrying about the wonkiness because you've seen that it'll be recognizable anyway. that is soooo true, and i thank you for saying it in your blog post, because it's really helping me remember...


  7. We had lots of fun together, thanks for sharing with me. I love the journals we made, mine is sitting on my coffee table where I admire it every day, I just need to get brave enough to make marks inside it now! :)

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