Sunday, February 12, 2017

Finally Finished

I started this book quite some time ago
It has many layers of paint, ink, collage, pencil.
And yes - I showed you the covers some time ago.

But it took me a long time to get around to finishing it off. 

I am going to be teaching a course on making
these style of journals at a Arts Underground in Whitehorse

And this little but fat journal was made from the leftover bits
from the big journal making project. 

I love when one project inspires another project. 


  1. Really pretty, I love all the layers and totally fell for that little fat journal!

  2. Beautiful! I wish I could take your class! :(

  3. Beautiful. Lucky people of Whitehorse!

  4. Absolutely positively GORGEOUS!!! Can I ask, what material did you use to create your journal covers with? Do you use canvas board, chipboard or recycled material? I love the composition of your painted papers... and your color palette (I use a very similar color palette in my art.. it's my favorite) your work is just sheer eye candy!!! I would love to be able to take a class with you!!! If you ever teach in the Charlotte,NC area I'll definitely be there!!! Hoping this finds you well!!! ((((HUGS))))

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! It made me smile. I use recycled materials to make the book covers .... usually old book covers that I cover with paper. The small books cover is covered with the paper from used tea bags that I dried and removed the tea from.