Saturday, April 1, 2017

Houses Being Built

I am busy building houses out of the hand decorated paper I shared in my last post.  
My hope was to have the whole piece completed by now,
..... but I am not quite there yet.  

I also learned that painting/decorating parchment paper is not the best idea.  
The paint likes to peel off too easily and it is a bit of a challenge to work with.

  I seem to be unable to locate deli wrap either locally or online (without outrages shipping charges) - and so will continue my search for a thin and sturdy yet okay priced paper to decorate and use in my collages.  

Update - I found some deli paper that I can purchase and ship for a reasonable price and I am excited to get it and give it a try! 

I will share the finished piece as soon as I can.  


  1. I just use tissue paper from the dollar store

  2. Aw....they are adorable! What kind of paper are you looking for? Perhaps I can help. Let me know! :D

  3. you are certainly onto something and learning all the time!

  4. I don't know where you live but if it's in the U.S. you should probably be able to buy deli paper from a restaurant supply store such as Smart and Final or Cash and Carry. Also, I have been using parchment paper on some collages that I do and haven't had any problems. I am using ink, rather than paint. I love your work, especially the little houses. Tiny houses are my "thing." Looking forward to your future creations. You've inspired me to get back to work at my own.

    1. Thanks for the information.... I have managed to find a source for deli paper that was shipped to me at a reasonable price. I did love using parchment paper, so will perhaps try it with some ink instead of paint. Glad I inspired you! ..... and I live in a small remote community in Northern Canada.... :-)

  5. I'm going to try some tissue paper in my collages, too. I've used it in paper mache and like the look, but never thought about using it in collage. Live and learn by trying new things. Right?