Sunday, October 22, 2017

eenie, meenie, miney, moe...

I have so many things started in my little studio. 

It seems I am good at starting things right now, but not finishing them. 

I have these half made paper bowls, just waiting for me to play with them ....

I also have some pretty papers sewn onto plain paper.....

and some metal pieces stamped with leaves.... 
this needed to happen before our leaves were gone for the year 

and while I was at it I thought I better stamp some rocks

and then this piece of fabric caught my eye....

and although I am not sure why,
 a roll of wire decided to join in the fun. 

So, I have given myself strict instructions....
no new projects can get started before I finish some of these. 

I know myself better than to say I have to finish ALL of them :) 

I hope to share a finished project soon!


  1. Join the club! I have a bunch of unfinished projects too. LOL Yours look more interesting than mine, though....can't wait to see the end results! ;)

  2. Oh so much beauty! I love the stones and metal etchings. I wear the earrings from you almost every day and your little stones sit on a shelf next to my front door. xx

  3. Kim, I am entirely drawn to your work! I just discovered your blog while searching for tea bag art, and that, along with all your other projects, has given me more to enjoy than ever imagined could be all in one place. The bowls, are they papier-mâché? I do hope you post them again once embellished. I really need an answer to this because I also take those long nature walks and love leaves. It is Fall here in NJ now, so beautiful. How do you apply paint or ink to use them for printing? And where do you find such lovely repurposed copper/metal? I recently had hand surgery so I won’t be making jewelry (I was Never good with tools anyhow) but I love the leaf prints on rocks. I’ve done other things with rocks, but not this. It is lovely! Also, your works of art using leaf prints, beautiful! I’m excited, I get to browse your blog today. It will be a joy. I desperately need ideas for things my aging and compromised hands can do instead of my usual sewing, knitting, spinning, doll-making. They are no longer possible. Oh, also, your photos are more than lovely, they are inspirational!

    1. Hi Barbara! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. The bowls are made with paper pulp, but not layers of paper.... the leaves are used like a stamp and pressed onto an ink pad....I hope you find some creations that you are able to do. I have sent you an email with a bit more information. Thanks again. - Kim

    2. Wow, Kim, I just found your reply to my comment of 5+ months ago. I’m still recovering and searching for things I am able to create. Thanks for explaining how your leaf prints are made. I have ink pads and actual leaves surround me in our woods. I will give that a try, I’m excited! I’ve made paper pulp bowls, just need to get more creative with decorating them, what do you use for a form? I didn’t receive your email. :( I had to stop blogging, sadly, as I wasn’t able to create anything for months. I also have a new email address. Barbjmoore18 “at sign” I have just started a new blog linked to this comment, and as my hands will allow I simply MUST create again. I’m working on a fiber art journal, very slow progress. I’m so drawn to your art!

  4. Finished or not ... all are inspiring!! I adore the plain white bowls!!

  5. Somewhere in my studio I have a desk and floor. You are not alone.