Sunday, May 27, 2018

. . . . . Before New Growth . . . . .

I continue to struggle to find time to create.... 
but a few nights ago, I found myself with an hour or two of time. 
It was supposed to be an hour or two of cleaning time, 
but I gave myself permission to create instead. 

It has been a late spring here, and the leaves were not out...
and this inspired me to find some of my winter tree photographs
and create this tiny accordion style book. 

I  enjoyed this creative time

and knowing I will have more time soon makes me smile. 

Until then this will have to do....

so I called this piece 'Before New Growth'


  1. This little book was certainly worthy of your time. cleaning can wait. That's my motto. I've been making books too.

  2. This looks so pretty, Thanks for sharing!

  3. Too cute....creating is much more important than cleaning! :D

  4. Even little bits of creativ3 time help especially when it resultsvin such a sweet result. I’m a tree lover myself, especially winter trees. Do you have a post where you show how you create with the tree images?

  5. stunning work! big blocks of time are hard to come by these days

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