Friday, October 23, 2009

I am having some difficulties loading images here. (this doesn't surprise me) When I load them directly from my camera card, they are then no longer on my card. So I don't want to load images that I really like and don't want to loose.
If I load them directly from an image I have scanned, then they are like the above image not sized correctly. I edit images and scans in word perfect, but these are not accepted as images for posting on a blog. I guess I need to start using a different editing program. Which for me will take some time, as I am not so good on computers.... but I will try.

The above painting is one of the first faces I painted a couple of years ago. I have tried to continue painting faces on and off since then, but probably need to really focus on it for some time if I really want to get better at it. It is not supposed to look like anyone - nor is it supposed to be realistic. The words on it say silent watching.

Here I am with a necklace that I finished today. I started it some time ago, and finally finished it this morning. I have one more week of time off to play at home, and then it is back to the real work world for me. So I better get busy with things I want to make..... and oh there is so many!

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