Thursday, October 22, 2009

This is the latest book that I have made. I like to make things out of whatever I have on hand... the cover uses book board out of an old text book that was heading to be recycled. I crinkled up some tissue paper that came as packing in a box, and dyed it with tea.
I then painted on a picture I took and drew and stamped on the cover, adding smudges of paint and ink.
The inside cover is decorated with the same type of tissue paper, and then the covers are finished with a coating of soft wax that I rubbed into the cover. The inside of the book has 3 signatures that are decorated with small bits of decorated paper - but you can't see that in the pictures. Wrapped around all three signatures is a stiffer sewn page that has ties on the edges. I also took a piece of tea dyed tissue paper and coated it with gel medium to give it stability and decorated it before wrapping it around the signatures and sewing the book together.

Now on to the next project.... I wonder what that should be....

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