Sunday, December 6, 2009

As I still don't have a camera, I am having a difficult time posting images of what I have been working on . This is a scanned image of the front of a booklet, and the back of an envelope I made. Both the booklet and envelope were made from old posters that were heading to be recycled. The quality of the paper was so nice, I just couldn't let it go to the recycling bin, and so I made a number of different things out of it. The inside pages of the booklet are blank, so I wrote a letter on them, put it in the envelope, and popped it in the mail to a friend. These are fun to make, and fun to send. I love getting mail that is personal.... not just bills and catalogs!
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  1. Hey Auntie Kim! Love the booklet and envelope, very gorgeous. Is it a light green paint around the edges?
    5 1/2 more work days until I come home for christmas, yay! It really dosn't matter what kind of journals we make, whatever is your favorite to do and you wont mind teaching. I'm not picky!
    Well Kristin leaves this Friday so I am hoping to have a very crafty weekend!
    Love ya lots, see you soon!