Monday, November 30, 2009

Time to relax?

I painted this image a month or so ago.... she was supposed to go on the front of a book I was making. (Her skin looks a bit mottled here it is a bit textured on the painting, but doesn't look as mottled on the original painting.) The book she was supposed to go on still hasn't happened, and now probably won't for a while. I am happy to say that I have finished selling my creations in the 2 sales I went in this year, and that my stock is now very low. I did very well at both sales so that is good - but now I need a break from producing to sell, and some time to create for creating sake. I enjoy doing both of these things, (creating things to sell, and creating just for me and fun) I am just ready to relax for a while. (but wait I can't Christmas is coming) I am in the process of making a Christmas gift, but I can't show that here yet.... maybe after Christmas. All I can say right now is that the project is a lot of fun!

If anyone is out there reading this blog of mine, please leave me a message..... right now I think I am just talking to myself, but that is fine too! LOL


  1. I am reading your blog! Perhaps we are just talking to each other through our blogs!?
    December 18th for a crafting day works great for me, me and Kristin might come out on the evening of the 17th and then I think Kristin is going to have an "organizational day" with Grandma. I would love to learn how to make your notebooks, if you wouldn't mind teaching. What supplies should I bring?
    Talk to you soon!

  2. I'm reading too! And so is my sister. I'm inspired by your committment to creativity and beauty! Dianna Symanski