Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yesterday I decided to make some boxes/packages that I can package jewelry in at the sales I am attending this month. I realize that this is a bit backwards, as really I should be busy making the jewelry to sell prior to the boxes.... but that is not how my creative pushings seem to work. So... I made some boxes, and decorated them by sewing some material on the top.
When you open the box up it has a piece of the matching fabric inside that the necklace will be wrapped in.
I knew I couldn't make enough boxes for all the necklaces I have made (or rather hope to finish), so I made 10 of these for some of the necklaces, and for the necklaces that won't get tangled, I made bag like packages.
These packages were made out of a page out of a old cookbook (nice heavy paper). I sewed them and tied a ribbon to them.

I think both the boxes and the packages will work great..... now I better get busy finishing up the necklaces!

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  1. You didn't tell me you had a blog! How exciting! The boxes are very cute, I love the little bag/pouches out of an old cookbook! I will have a better read through all of your projects soon! I'm glad your stuff arrived on your birthday, and you like it. I've been waiting till you got it to post it on my blog. Well I have a busy couple of days of crafting here, just made a christmas wreath out of ribbon this morning. I cant wait to come home for christmas, 5 weeks today. Hope you feel better soon! XOX