Saturday, September 18, 2010

Following My Heart

I love to brush paint or dye onto paper - be it tissue paper, paper towels, hand made paper, paper from old books, or new paper. I also like to add colour to material of a variety of sorts, so my supply of colourful paper/material is quite large.
Yesterday morning, I came up to my little studio - just because the urge was too strong to ignore, and I have learnt that if I ignore it, I feel unsettled and out of alignment with who I am. So follow the muse I did.

I tore decorated sheets of paper, and cut decorated material into long strips, and glued them all down onto a base piece of paper. I then covered that all with a wash of colour
(a golden yellow in this case).

After it was all dry, I stamped some white dots on with acrylic paint and bubble wrap, and it was ready to cut into pieces, add some more stamps and make into cards.

Here is a close up of a card I made with the golden sheet.....

and here is one I made with the orange/red sheet.
A day well used.
But, now I am feeling a little unsettled, as I have to leave my little studio for a week, as the demands from the day job are calling. I need to take a few supplies with me, and so it is time to wander around my little studio and pick a few things to create with on the road.

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