Monday, September 13, 2010

Resin Filled Bezels

Well - nervous as I was, I decided it just had to be time to fill my bezels with images and resin. I choose some images (all except the butterfly is either a photo I took, or from a painting I made) and mounted them as described. I read the instructions for the resin a few times (very unlike me to read instructions) rewatched the video on pouring resin from my amazing online course with Stephanie Lee and then collected my courage and mixed and poured the resin. AND then I waited - it was supposed to set up in 6 hours - but it didn't, so I waited 4 more hours and it was still sticky - but it was time for bed. Some of the information I had read said if you didn't but enough hardener in the resin wouldn't harden up..... so I slept, and thought positive thoughts of my resin setting as I slept. First thing the next morning, before anyone else was up I checked on the bezels, and I cheered a quiet cheer as the resin had hardened after all! Although these are not perfect in any way, I am happy with how they turned out. I enjoyed just about every minute of making them (except the anxious ones where the resin wasn't setting).

Here is a necklace that I have made using one of the smaller bezels I made.

Some people have asked me how it was taking an online jewellery course, and all I can say is this one was GREAT. I learned so much, and enjoyed every minute of it! I look forward to many more minutes of creative play with what I have learned!


  1. Love it!!! I'd buy one of those necklaces... Love all the bits and pieces and the bezel is so cool... Just my style!

  2. The bezels turned out beautiful!! Way to go!! I SO know how nerve wracking it can be when the resin seems to taaaaaakeeeee foooooreeeeeveeeeer to set up. :) I once mixed a BIG batch totally wrong and had to toss every single bezel. Talk about a pain!
    Anyway, I'm SO glad you had a good time in class! You certainly mastered the techniques! :)