Friday, October 1, 2010

Joy and Disapointment

I loved making this little book, and when I look at it today it brings me joy.

I enjoyed filling it with a variety of decorated pages that I painted, or stamped on, or sewed bits and pieces on, or drew on. Every page was fun.

I also loved the way it turned out - using old pieces of paper and making them new and beautiful again. The book feels very nice in my hand - and like so many things I create, it contains a bit of my heart
I made this book to submit it to a magazine that was holding a challenge. My hope was that it would be chosen to be showcased in the magazine.
But it wasn't......

..... and I was very disapointed.
But, now as time has gone by I once more find much joy in this little book. I have put it in with the collection of books I have for sale, but I have not decided whether I will sell it
or keep it for myself.
I find that it once again brings me much joy.


  1. It's nice to come back around, isn't it? Don't let that disappointment tarnish your love of that book. It's too lovely and it was made with so much love. I say keep it and enjoy it. Sometimes I think it is the responsibility of the artist to keep some of their favorite or their best works...

  2. I love that you admire your own work so deeply ~ that says so much! enjoy...either way.

  3. love those pages! so ragged and beautiful loving it!! :)thanks for your comment! that was sweet of you! yeah soon winter will be her too.....sigh* ;)

  4. The book is gorgeous and was obviously destined for something greater than the magazine... So glad the card arrived :-)
    Hope you'll join in again (next Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap launching very soon)