Sunday, February 5, 2012

Art Swap Smile

I am smiling, as I was fortunate to be able to swap creations with Micki Wilde.
Here is the lovely creation I received from Micki. She offered up a trade to any blogger that wanted to swap art, and I jumped at the opportunity. I am happy to own a piece of her work.

I haven't found a permanant home for her yet, as I keep moving her around the house so she is in whatever room I am in. She makes me smile.

I made Micki this little item. This is the front cover.

and this is the back.

When you open it up, this is what you find. Not quite a book, as it has no pages.

Across the ocean our creations travelled. How fun!


  1. What a wonderful idea! No wonder you're smiling!
    Both are such beautiful pieces.

  2. I was going to say that! (what windrock said LOL) They are both lovely pieces. Lucky you, both of you.

  3. Both are very beautiful pieces, sounds like a fun swap!

  4. I loved swapping with you Kim, i've had a lot of fun with this swap!!
    Your little book creation is on my computer desk with me as I type, I love it so much I think I might wear it out as I can't stop handling it ;o)

    Thank you heaps for swapping

    Micki x

  5. Oh Kim, what an awesome trade... I just adore Micki's artwork... and truly love what you made for her also... both so beautiful...

    Jenny x

  6. Micki is a Sweetheart! She always speaks so highly of you, too :D

  7. Micki's piece is might consider making your own frame for it out of plaster strips!!! But I covet what you sent to her. It is so cool to have beautiful work but no pages....makes it easy to display. You sent a very lovely present.