Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cherish the Small Things

I love creating small items, but this lovely creation was not made by me but rather gifted to me by my blogging friend Micki.

The outside has this wonderful face that she created

and inside the perfect words.... "cherish the small things".

This lovely little gift that I so cherish, arrived at my house when I was first laying on my couch trying to heal from a concussion. It brightened my day and made me smile. It continues to make me smile and reminds me constantly of the important things in life.

It has been 2 weeks today since I received this concussion, and the symptoms are still with me - headaches, dizzyness, fatigue and some struggle with thinking. I continue to get better, just not as quickly as I would like.

I have not been as creative as I would like to be, but wanted to share this small thing with you that I created a little while ago.

It is a small accordian book

that opens up to contain some images of flowers I drew.

It is as usual covered with tea bags. (I LOVE tea bags!)

In my mind I have another tea bag creation in the works.... I just hope I am able to create it in real life soon!


  1. Kim I just feel for you so much. I'm sending out healing energy into the universe with your name. This art makes me soar. I love teabags too. Bless, Norma

  2. So sorry to hear you are still struggling with you concussion. Sending you healing virtual hugs!
    PS Lovely accordion book.

  3. Dear Kim, I am now a proud owner of one of your little mini accordian books. The painted ladies are all so beautiful, and it sits under my computer moniter, and I admire it daily. It is one of the small things I now treasure. Healing thoughts are coming your way...warmly, Sam

  4. Your tea bag creations have such a warm earthy elegance - beautiful. Hope you be feeling back to normal soon.

  5. so sorry to hear about your concussion. have you considered cranial sacral treatments? that might be the perfect thing....

    so lovely that you received art that brings you joy. your little book is a joy to see.

    be well
    sending light

  6. Sorry to hear your concussion is still causing you problems Kim, I hope you are feeling much better soon.

    Healing hugs

    Micki x

  7. How scary to have suffered a concussion. I do hope you're feeling better soon. Your accordian book is beautiful! I've never used tea bags but now I think I want to try them.

  8. It was most lovely to meet you on my blog.... love your artwork....sounds like you have been having a rough time of things with a concussion.....hoping you feel better soon.