Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hand Stitched Luminaries

I have once again been busy making luminaries out of my tea bag paper collection.  I have made many of them before, and have even had an article published showing how to make them in GreenCraft magazine.  (See side column for where I have been published)

I have recently had a hankering to make luminaries that had some hand stitching on them rather than machine stitching.

and so I made a tube shaped one 
that I hand stitched around the top and the bottom

and then I made a square one with stitching around the top and the bottom

as well as down each of the corners.

These are very difficult to photograph showing how lovely the light looks coming through - this picture was the best I could get, but in real life they look much nicer. 

Due to the amount of time these took to make, I will not be selling them in my Etsy store, but I do have a couple of other luminaries for sale there. 

P.S.   Thanks for all of your helpful comments on the previous post. 


  1. They look gorgeous Kim. Love them. :D

  2. realluy lovely Kim, i was going to make tube ones but couldnt figure how to package them to sell:( i love the handstitching:)

  3. Gorgeous Kim...especially the orange one!

  4. Oh I love the hand stitching Kim. I have tea bags stacked up waiting to be made but too many things on my to do list. Hopefully around fall before my shows start up. I love the ones I made in the past they do offer an alternative with cats and pets around.

  5. Lovely Kim! (Yes, it's really hard to photograph a luminary!)