Thursday, May 24, 2012

Painting Without Plaster - Take Two

I enjoyed painting on my little wooden blocks so much that I decided to do some more. 

When I am not sure what to paint, I tend to end up painting leaves.

But, I love chairs (I know - wierd), so I decided to try to paint one.

I had never really drawn or painted one before, so I practiced sketching them, and then painted this one.   A little off - but I like it that way.

This last one.... and I think it is my last one at least for a while was not my favourite, but when I showed them all to my daughter, this was the one she picked as her favourite.
Good thing we all like different things!


  1. I love them all but I think the chair is my favourite, I love their teeny size, so adorable!!

  2. The are all lovely. My favourite is the one with the brown leaves.

  3. I share your affinity for chairs! (I wonder why we like them so much?) So that is my fav. I like its wonkiness too!

  4. i'm partial to houses myself but your chair is lovely! i love painting on wood blocks as well...they feel good and solid in your hand and are ready to hang unframed. nice to meet you kim : )

  5. These are precious, Kim.
    My favorite is the droopy pod leaf... kind of like last winter's leaves shedding the snow.
    Do you guys get to go to the lake this weekend?

  6. I love that chair too. Happy weekend