Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Usual ...Tea Bag and Bird Art

It seems what I am drawn to create lately is tea bags combined with my drawings of birds, and although that was not what I planned to do today, it is what I did.

I was invited to submit an art piece for a cancer fund raiser.  There was no theme, just a request to do it in your signature style.   So this is where I went. 

I transfered the drawings on to tea bags and added some collage and colour.
The pieces are done on matte board that are then mounted on  5X5 inch heavy water colour paper.

I made two in case something went wrong with one of them.  But it turns out I like them both.  Now I have to decide which one to send.   Let me know what you think! 


  1. Don't cha' just love it when the muse takes over? I think you should give the fundraiser both of them! Then they can raise twice as much money! Beautiful!

  2. I like the bird on a branch. by chance is it for the Cloth Paper Scissors (interweave press)? I was asked to do that one. the 5x5 size is going to be hard for me.

  3. Gorgeous (as usual)...I love them both and agree with rewdesign...give them both!

  4. These are so beautiful. Giving them both is a great idea. I would be tempted to hold onto one though. I like the arrangement of the first one the best.

  5. Beautiful work for a beautiful fund raiser. I too like the first as it is so pathetically lovely (I mean my heart gets all pathetic seeing how fragile and special these little creatures are and how lucky we are to have them in our lives.) Hope your day is one of those wonderful surprising ones Kim! *smiles* Norma

  6. I really love your work, and you have such a lovely style working on the teabags. I have been collecting and now have quite a pile waiting for me to experiment with some drawings.
    I really enjoyed seeing your journals and paintings, beautiful creative work. Take care, hope you are feeling better. millyx

  7. These are so beautiful! I love working with tea bag paper too - but never have tried something this artful :)

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