Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Birds of a Feather

Some time ago I was asked to donate a piece of art to a fundraiser for breast cancer.  And this is what I made. 

The fundraiser is through the magazine Cloth Paper Scissors, and in this months magazine there is the above spread of artwork that gives information about it. If you look closely you can see my creation among the many lovely pieces. 

Here is a a picture of the full piece.  The bird part is created on a piece of matboard that is then mounted onto heavy watercolour paper. The bird is a drawing I did that I then transfered onto a tea bag and added bits of fabric, colour and textures too. 

   The items are for sale starting on August 28, through this website.  The fundraiser is through the National Breast Cancer Foundation. 

I didn't realize it at the time, but I used the same bird drawing on a piece I created this week. 

It was a fun piece I made for my collaging class (with Claudine Hellmuth)
Looks a bit like Super Bird to me.


  1. Both pieces are absolutely stunning Kim... and just love the teabag background... so gorgeous...

    Jenny x

  2. super bird makes me smile! happy to see the magazine, I think I forgot to renew my subscription.

  3. Very nice Kim. I just love anything with birds. :-)

  4. Oh Kim, Your birds are always so precious and with the flower petal wings give it flight while standing still. The other flower petal looks like a quail or pheasant in the upper background.
    Did you guys get the frost this morning like we did. I'd better make use of my studio now before I have to spend too much on heating!
    Happy turning of the season to you.

  5. I'm loving your collages so much!

  6. How wonderful to see your art in the magazine! So good to give your talents to help others. Kudos to you Kim.

    Your birds...both of them are wonderful...and Super Bird is amazing to look at with all the orange going on there. Love it!!!

  7. just love your bird art..I spend ages of a morning watching birds in my garden and am lucky enough to have blackbirds nesting in the back hedge..lovely art on your blog and thanks for visiting mine..have a good week:)

  8. Kim, this brave little bird is marvelous, both pieces - especially love the flower petal wings on 'Super-Bird'. xxoo, sus

  9. LOVE your superbird - your collage work is amazing!! So different from what I normally see - usually, I am not such a big fan of collage but you are changing my mind!
    BTW - I saw you in my new issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors even before your post. Good job for you!!

  10. What page is the art on in Cloth Scissors Paper? I was thumbing through one at Michael's a couple of days ago and couldn't find it.

  11. Beautiful and delicate piece, gorgeous colors.

  12. Love your art work !
    ♥RINI♥ the Netherlands