Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Bracelets

I love bracelets, but have a very tiny wrist, and bracelets are usually too big for me. 
Therefore I decided to make one for myself, and being a lover of birds, as well as recycling, I made this one.  The metal that the bird image is on is reclaimed metal, and the cord is adjustable, so I can slip it over my hand and then tighten it as much as I want.
A friend of mine saw it, and her husband purchased this one for her.

They are a bit more time consuming then the similar necklaces I have made, as I sew the decorations right onto the cord.  - but still so enjoyable!
More jewelry to come....


  1. Dear Kim,
    your necklaces looks beautiful! Love the birdie variant.

    May I invite you to the next dc this weekend? I'm the host with SNAKE...

    Your pics of snow and ice are very impressive to me!

    x Ariane.

  2. I love them and the adjustable knots make it so easy too...

  3. The simplicity and beauty of these is remarkable Kim. Beautiful design you have made (construction) and I bet these would sell like hot cakes. If they are time consuming to make, charge for your time, don't forget. Everything is relative. Awesome work. *smiles* Norma,x
    p.s. beautiful photography on your play date with the family.:)

  4. Kim I have a very small wrist too and dont often wear bracelets as they are too big. LOVE this adjustable bracelet you've made, what a great idea, and that bird image is lovely.

    Jacky xox

  5. Very clever idea! I agree with Fairyyellow, I bet they would make great sellers. Besides just being beautiful!

  6. they are beautiful!
    Thanks for your words on my blog, in fact I´m drawing in the old style:
    with ink (I prefer Sepia not black) and pen. I love the sound of the pen over the paper and the interruption if I have to put new ink on the pen again, know what I mean?
    have a good time

  7. I love bracelets, and yours are a great design (btw, I don't have tiny wrists). happy weekend, sus

  8. Again, I love the birdie one.

    - Sherrie (Bird Lady)