Sunday, January 13, 2013



I am afraid there is little new here, as I continue to enjoy creating with tea bags, collage, transfers, ink, pen, pastels, paint and whatever else happens to be close at hand at my messy art desk.  And once I finish there I play around on my computer. That is how the piece above was created.

The pieces below were made by my hand with much enjoyment.

and I couldn't resist a bit more of computer play.

All of the above art was created from this simple photograph I took (with the above creations in mind when I took it) on a enjoyable walk with my daughter over the Christmas season.
 Before my daughter returned to university, she asked if I could make her some bookmarks that she could give as small gifts to some friends.  I enjoyed my afternoon making these bookmarks from my tea bag creations.  Yes fun was had.... lots of fun.
Such Enjoyment!



  1. Wonderful to see the development of the image!

  2. Wonderful art pieces from your creation. Love how you use the tea bags in your art work. I have been saving them now too - Hugs Nat

  3. Lucky friends. And lucky daughter to be able to give such lovely gifts to her friends. How nice it is that you are able to create such beauty to be shared by all. And thank you for sharing so that we can all enjoy them as well. Love your art Kim, *smiles* Norma, x

  4. Amazing -- !! Starting with one photo! Love it!

  5. Such enjoyment and such beautiful results!

  6. your new work is so beautiful! the bookmarks too! best wishes! :-) mano

  7. love the bookmarks
    and your playing with computer!
    In fact I did it yesterday with some ink drawings, too, so fascinating.
    And I always love the way you frame your delicate artworks.
    by the way: May I invite you to play with us the next drawing challenge?
    x Stefanie

  8. I want to come over and take some lessons from you! Your work is so pretty and rich with texture. I just love it! Keep it up!

  9. Fabulous results from a seemingly simple photograph. Thanks for sharing your enjoyment.

  10. post processing is so much fun! it is really amazing what you can create on the computer. i liked how you posted your original inspiration which was the photo as it allowed me to be a part of your nice little creative journey. xx oh, love the bookmarks!

  11. and you know what... your fun reflects on my eagerness. gosh, you've a dab hand and a vision for composition, and colour. grand!

  12. How cool to watch the progression from photo to beautiful artwork. You are so creative. Add a bird to anything, and I'm a fan!