Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rustic Pins

I have so enjoyed making these pins...... 

....hand drawn little images on old book pages with text that I painted over
..... captured in resin and wax
....... mounted on hand cut and filed reclaimed metal
that I attached a small pin too, and etched my signature on the back

taking way longer to make then they look like they should when they are finished.
 I then decided to mount them on a card
that when folded in half contains my name and address

and when opened

shows off the pin with a wee bit of information about its making.
All of it was so enjoyable.


  1. These pins are stunning Kim...and the way you have displayed them is even more creative. Are these for sale?

  2. These are absolutely unique and gorgeous Kim.

  3. These look delightful!
    Love the colours and designs

  4. What wonderful creations! And the presentation is special, too. Love it!


  5. And these are so enjoyable to behold in person. The complete package is here Kim. Not only are the pins themselves a treasure, but the art on the card is in itself a little work of art. The thought behind the design of this whole presentation is magnificent. Your talent shines through. This is a gift that would be perfect in the giving. I don't even want to mention how perfect it is to receive such a gift...(ahem)...everybody wins. You have really done it this time Kim. AND ALL TIMES, as you know I adore your work. N. xo

  6. Thanks for all the positive comments!
    I am planning to sell them at a sale this summer. I am selling them for $20(canadian funds) but would also need $3-4 for shipping if someone from afar wants one... just contact me @

  7. BEAUTIFUL! Happy Valentines Day, Kim...Tanya

  8. These are beautiful AK! Ad I love the packaging! They are so beautiful! Hope your week has been good!

  9. Lovely! All the way around....pins and packaging!

  10. these are so elegant and wonderful
    i love how you are presenting them
    a joy to see ~

  11. oh kim!! lovely doesn't even begin to cover it!! exquisite comes close!