Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fish Creations

I have always thought fish are beautiful.

and a while back I drew this one
I was planning to use this drawing in a few creations....
 and this past week I decided to use the fish on a journal page. 

I have no doubt he will show up in other creative bits and pieces in the future,
and I hope more fish will join him in my sketchbook.


  1. Now there's a fish with personality! Love him!

  2. i love fish, too, kim... this one looks gorgeous in your sketchbook.


  3. My gosh, it looks so real, so life like! Your talent blows me away!

  4. I love the transition from the original sketch to the finished page.Your style of work is instantly recognizable as your own. I have started a sketchbook/journal and every page is different. I am experimenting with different styles and I am hopeing that I eventually develop a style that I am happy with and can call my own.

  5. What a fantastic fish! Definitely a character for sure!

  6. yes i remember that fish
    the remarkable thing about fish is when drawing them by heart, using the imagination, whatever shape you give them, long tail, short tail, weird tail,whatever colors or patterns you use, they all seem to excist,
    water life, sea creatures are truly astonishing, xx

  7. What a great looking fish. I see infinite possibilities for him!

  8. Love your little fish, he's full of character. Love the journal page, I've just moved house so feel very much like I'm swimming upstream!! :)

  9. Love the fish, the whole page is beautiful!

  10. Incredible journal page and what personality ( fishality?) You accomplished an appropriately quizzical look to go with him.
    Did you wave at our road when you drove past it? Wish we would have been there.

  11. Lovely to see a fish swimming across your page! Beautiful drawing!!