Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spring Time Bouquet


The drawing challenge theme this week is 'smell' hosted by Barbara

Smell conjures up such wonderful memories, and I received such a beautiful spring time bouquet recently that I can not resist smelling it each time I walk by.  With this bouquet in my thoughts I went about creating this weeks challenge.  The smell of flowers takes me to so many memories. 

   Our spring has been very snowy, so I added lots of white to it including some snowflakes on the bouquet. 

 Here is a close up showing lots of the pencil scribble I did on this piece. 
 After I took the picture I realized I hadn't added the white dots yet.

 When I finished this piece I wasn't completely happy with it and wondered if I should add something else.  But when I put a mat on it, and looked at it through the view finder I was much happier with how it looked - the smell .... her memories .... all connected.
I added the final white dots and called it finished.

Well.... except for just a bit of playing with it on the computer.  

For more interpretations of the theme 'smell'  be sure to visit Barbara's blog!


  1. so soft and tender, I love her eyes, I see there must be something in her mind now, she is remembering...? And the white dots, yes, important!
    x Stefanie

  2. Dear Kim,
    you has made the smell visible... wonderful! I can empathize with her.
    Its a beautiful painting... the white dots completing it.

    xo Ariane.

  3. oooh.....
    that beautiful face
    those eyes!!!! and her sweet smile
    because she is remembering something
    by the scent of the bouquet
    i like your scribbeling lines
    and yes, the white dots complete it

    happy weekend!!
    Patrice A.

  4. She's beautiful...innocent, soft, sweet...I love her.

  5. Whoa Kim this is beautiful just like you! What I especially like these days, is, [I am noticing in a big way anyway] that your style of art is just so unique. There is nothing like it. And your style continues to develop. I don't know how else to express it, even though I sound like a stuffy art critic with these words 'continues to develop' but I mean it. I guess art has no choice but to develop as you do it and I am saying I love the development[s] that come from you. You are one of a kind, art friend! I like the gentle tiny addition of the computer bits. Subtle. I like both. I'd like the original hanging on my wall, and the computer altered one in a set of greeting cards, or the cover of a journal. That's it! The cover of a journal. I love your work always, as you know. N, xo
    p.s. the touches of snow on the fleurs...brilliant.

  6. you do that too, take a distance to try and have a 'poper' look at something you create? i understand!
    this drawing has such an introvert quality! it's the serenity i can do with this week. the dots on the bouquet, of course, also being my favourite addition...

  7. Hi Kim your drawing is so lovely and she is so beautiful with her dreamy look of memories connected with this bouquet of smells. I love it that you left so much (snowy) white so you concentrate to her beauty with these sensitive colors - w o n d e r f u l.
    Thanks for sharing and participating.

  8. this face is so very lovely
    i love how you have expressed her eye lashes, her eyes and nose
    so very lovely

    sweet day to you ~

  9. I like your mix of monochrome with warm browns and oranges. It gives the sense of peacefulness and serenity. Very lovely!

  10. Kim, you really captured the sense of memory in her expression, and that wistful smile... -sus

  11. May I invite you to next d.c.? I would love to see your drawings.
    happy week to you x Stefanie

  12. Sigh. I love the final state of this. SO much. Her facial expression is so full of memory, tender and intense at the same time. Love the colours, too, so gentle. Absolutely beautiful, Kim, thank you for sharing.

  13. What a lovely piece ! She has really great eyes they are like a magnet to the floral part of the drawing- which is kind of imaginary- I like how you made that connection in a subtle way- well done :)

  14. Her eyes and slight smile say it all. She is experiencing a "scent memory". Beautiful piece. I love it's gentle beauty.

  15. She is gorgeous and a quiet spirit. I love it!

  16. How beautiful she is, telling the story so softly of the scents of spring...