Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Birds Of Whimsy

Did you know that Whimsy was a place?

Did you know they had a field guide to the birds that live there?  

Well, actually they didn't -  until I created one!

Using my old sewing machine, a picture I drew, and my computer I put together the cover for the field guide.

I drew pictures of the birds that I know live there, and wrote up some information about each of them.  I then sewed together the pages  and added them to the cover.  

There are many amazing birds that live there. 

The Necklace Pelican uses it large pouch to catch fish.

The Neck Tie Boss Bird protects all the animals found within its territory.

The White Throated Roller is usually quiet and shy, but likes to be raucous and rolling during its courtship flight.

The Bubble Crested Treecreeper searches for insects on tree trunks in a spiraling motion.

The Tear Eyed Puffin's call sounds like a person is laughing.

The Speckled Throated Racer loves to race and spends 15 to 20 hours a day in flight.

The Spotted Barrier's spots change colour depending upon the amount of berries it eats.

The Star Eyed Balancing Bird spends hours each day practicing balancing one or two or sometimes three rocks on their heads.

The Mothering Cormerant  protects smaller and weaker animals and tucks them under their wing for protection.

What fun I had creating this little field guide!

  I submitted it to Somerset Studio magazine for consideration for their March/April issue that had 'Whimsy' as a theme.   It was not chosen to be published, but after almost 8 months of not having this little book, I am just so pleased to have it home again. 

It just makes me smile.


  1. Its great... pitty they couldn't see its magic!

  2. I cannot believe it was not chosen. It is a true treasure and so wonderful. I want to hold it and turn every page.


  3. What a wonderful and imaginative book...I bet it's nice to hold it again after such a long absence.--Julie

  4. I love this book! How fun! I love all your birds, especially the puffin.

  5. If I was their editor, I would have published it.
    It is a wonderful concept and beautifully made.
    I find hand made books irresistible

  6. It wasn't chosen?? Their loss. My favorite is the star eyed balancing bird - this is so much more than whimsy - I want to go there ;)

  7. I can't believe it was not chosen. I love your work and love to leave my comments but I am finding it a struggle to find words to express how good I think this book is. So much thought and work has gone onto it. I think it is AMAZING. I agree with the comment above. It is a real 'treasure'.
    I am do pleased that I will soon own an original piece of your artwork as one of the winners of the recent 'giveaway' I can't wait for it to arrive.

  8. I think it is wonderful, and made with such love. I know from personal experience being published is over-rated and takes more time than it's worth. Even when they "ask" for your work. I got disgusted with this bunch in perticular.
    I enjoyed reading about the birds, the balancing bird is my favorite. I would love to see it in action. Wonderful drawings, you are very talented.
    Blessings in your day!

  9. how delightful - and so imaginative...somerset's loss...but our gain for you sharing here - thank you!

  10. I can't believe this is not going to be published - it is absolutly fantastic!!
    I love it!

  11. And the Guide hands me a huge smile, too, Kim. I will be back to this post again and again to study these marvels of nature! Bravo!!!

  12. How gorgeous is this? What a beautiful, whimsical little stitched book. I love all the birds too - such funny names they have, and such unusual appearances. This is a real little gem. Shame on them for not publishing, I say!


  13. This is wonderful (and so very whimsical).

  14. Dear Kim! I hope that this treasure gets published. Not the magazine necessarily as I think it is too special for just the magazine, but I mean really published. If you can copy this on a quality printer, you could self-publish and sell a limited run (say 25 or something) on your etsy shop (or something.) Your work deserves special consideration in my opinion. This is a quality art project from a talented original artist. You I mean!! Love it Kim, N, x

  15. This is fantastic. Somerset Studios is crazy.

  16. What a clever gal you are! This book is fantastic.

  17. LOVE this book - your imagine knows no bounds! My favorite bird is the Star Eyed Balancing Bird - how funny!! Truly whimsical. . .

  18. Kim your field guide is simply beautiful.........bursting at the seems with Whimsy..........I love it.
    So much effort and creativity in every page.
    Glad you have it back in your own hands, so you could show us all.
    Your work is inspirational........

    Claire :}

  19. it makes me smile too! so wonderful drawings, so beautiful birds - and I love how you make it, the sewing, the typeface, thge cover!
    :-) mano

  20. such a wonderful book
    it overflows with charm and wonder
    i love all the details and your art

    i think it would have been wonderful in the magazine.

  21. If this book were available for purchase, I would buy it. It's beautiful, unique and just a treasure!!

  22. What a beautiful book! Thank you for sharing.

  23. What a beautiful book! Thank you for sharing.

  24. Their loss I would say...this is amazing...the time it took to put together. I am so impressed Kim. I love birds too. We have lots of bird feeders in our yard and right now everything just stops whenever we see an Oriel show up. They are bright orange and black and their song is by far the prettiest.

  25. something to treasure Kim, a beauty, x

  26. Oh Kim, your Birds of Whimsy book is beautiful and imaginative and fun. And artistic. You are lucky to have it back. I lost some work to Somerset years ago that never got published either. There is an Artist Book show in Ashland Oregon in April of every year and I wondered if maybe you should enter a couple of your books there. Especially this one! Happy Spring, my friend!

  27. not chosen?
    what are they? blind?
    it is looking devine, pro and ... whimsical!