Friday, March 14, 2014

Bird Eggs - Overflow Project #2

Another overflow project from my Winged Tales work
were these 'Bird Eggs'

I thought about making these when
I was busy making the books

but they had to wait until all the books were made

and until I had some time.

I am so glad they waited,
as sometimes these ideas just slip away 
before there is time to play with them. 

Once the eggs were made,

I had such fun playing with them
and taking some photos.


  1. So Beautiful Kim, I love every one of them!!

  2. AHHHHH want want .... these are simply so very beautiful Kim! You are very talented. Will these be for sale in your store?

  3. These are lovely Kim! It is like that sometimes ,so many ideas going on at the same time and not enough time to get them out. I would be interested to know if you painted direct onto the stones and in what medium or if you transferred your drawings in some way.

  4. these are super Kim and they really do look like eggs- even though obviously I know they are not- silly
    love the coloration you've gotten with them- and all those little characters- well done!

  5. Oh I love these. They look like they could just flap their wings any time and take off. But I know that they can't because they're on rocks and rocks are heavy. :) I hope that made you smile.

    Have a good weekend Kim! Now I want to go and draw a bird.

  6. So many little time........... These are wonderful! ♥♥♥

  7. It's a tough one isn't it, Kim, when an idea comes floating in and we have other things needing to be done. So glad you got to do these beauties and didn't let the idea float away!

  8. Utterly adorable artwork!
    Greetings from Vienna,
    Claudia x

  9. Very tweet. You have a wonderful talent and skill.

  10. these are wonderful Kim. The colors of the rocks mixed with your ink is rich, earthy and utterly appealing!
    Plus your birds are such a joy to see.