Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Overflow #1

As I was working on the books for my Winged Tales exhibition, 
(see posts from Feb 6 to Feb 21 for more images)
I had many ideas for other items I wanted to make with my little bird collection of drawings. 
Many card designs came to mind.

This set is made with tiny birds on pieces of painted dictionary pages, 
cut into a small circle
and placed on watercolour paper. 

While this set is birds on 
small circles of tea bag paper.

Other overflow makings are also in the making.


  1. I love the way you have used a small circle. Some would be tempted to fill up more of the card but I like this style much better. Anyone would be happy to receive one of these.

  2. Beautiful Kim! I love the continuity of your creations... and they all retain their intimacy

  3. Such lovely cards and beautifully drawn in the little circles. It has been such a while, so I have really enjoyed seeing your birds and all your gorgeous books. What a wonderful exhibition, your work must have put smiles on lots of faces. I loved the birds on the tea bags, all together on your big sheet of paper, the marks on the tea bags and the birds. So happy for you, love all your ideas and creativity, have a great 2014.

  4. These are so beautiful and delicate - the birds in their little the circles - and just go to prove that less really is more ...

  5. Stunning as is all your work, Kim.
    xo Carole

  6. this is fancy! must be happy to have it!