Monday, November 23, 2015

Getting Organized?

Sheesh!  I have been trying to get organized for so long now,
and it just isn't working!

But I have finally finished this day timer 
that will hopefully help someone stay organized. 

This day timer comes with a stack of little booklets
- one for each month.

The beauty of this organizer is that 
you carry around three months of pages at a time,
and when the month is over you slide the old pages out
and move the new month of pages in. 
(moving the next months to the correct spot of the 3 slots)

The pages are decorated with my hand carved stamps

and have the days of the month written 
in the top corner of the page.

The names of the month is written
 on the first page of each month booklet.

The days of week can be added as the year rolls along 
- which makes the daytime ready to be used 
next year or the year after, or the year after that.

An elastic cord wraps around the 3 month planner

 I made myself this one last year

and have loved using it for almost a year now.

I have another one finished .....
but the light was bad today when I tried to take pictures of it
But hopefully I can share it with you soon! 

AND ..... I finally managed to add a few cards and a day timer 
to my Etsy shop - and I will add some more items soon! 

Working towards being organized!


  1. What a gorgeous organizer, but I fear that it would not really help me to get orgaized...

  2. "NAME THAT TUNE" organization for me too Kim. What a clever idea, just love this option! And your work is so NATURALLY BEAUTEOUS! ;)

  3. Organized? What's that? Love your organizer! ♥♥♥

  4. I love the look of your books, Kim. So delightful! They carry your signature. :)