Monday, November 30, 2015

Life 3 Months At A Time


Here is another  '3 Months At A Time  Day Timer'
that I finally got photographed.  

It has soft covers that are made from
 layers of fabric, tea bags, ink and paint
and decorated with my drawing.

The pages have the dates written on them....

with extra pages for notes at the end of each month.

The pages are decorated with my hand carved stamps.

The book is designed to carry around 3 months of days at a time.

At the end of the month you remove the old month,
move then next months forward, 
and add another month to the back spot in the book. 

Here is April, May and June booklets 
ready to be put into the cover  when the time comes.

I also have just added  a couple of these tiny notebooks
with extra pages to my Etsy shop.

Organization does not come easily to me these days ... 
I will continue to work on it!