Sunday, February 14, 2016

About Little

Another Little Creation

made with layers of paper glued down 
to a base of folded watercolour paper
with added gesso, paint and graphite

I am beginning to realize that I often work little
as I only have little bits of creative time. 
I wonder if I would work bigger if I had big chunks of creative time?


  1. Your "little " is it Kim

  2. I wonder.....I would LOVE to see what you'd come up with in a large format....? It could only be more awesome since your small creations are so wonderful!

  3. little is fine!Love this pretty piece of work.

  4. Ummm ... interesting thought this time and size of work thing. I suspect that, time or not, we all choose the size of work we feel comfortable with. It may vary a bit ... but only a bit. My work is definitely middle-sized. I hate doing small (far too restricting) and find it a real challenge to do anything large.
    Your small things are a delight!

  5. I love your 'little' creations. Your color palette is so earthy and strong these don't seem little.