Sunday, February 7, 2016

In Love With Little - Part Two

I started this little journal early in the new year,
and shared some images then. 

And here it is not even the middle of  February
and I have finished it!

I can strike one New Year's Resolution off the list already!

And that my friends is why I love working little!

(although I have already started 3 other new journals 
- but none of them will be finished in 2016!)


  1. LOVE! Especially the sweet one with the cat costume.

  2. Another beautiful little book and such wonderful images.

  3. Hi Kim. I can't wipe the smile off my face after reading this post.
    Thanks for sharing your journal. Lovely little paintings.
    Is there any sign of spring yet? xo

    1. Thanks Carole! As for spring - the signs are that the sun stays around for a little bit longer each day. Lots of time for skiing yet before more signs of spring arrive.

  4. Little books! Love! Art friends! It does not get any better for me. You have such a way with 'line'; you know, the line coming from the end of your drawing tool. Pen. Pencil. Brush. I believe you'd have this same fabulous line with a stick, friend.
    Love your work always, thinking of you up North. *smiles* N, x

  5. totally adore. i need to learn how to bind my books. have all the elements but never quite get it right in spite of so many tutorials.