Monday, July 4, 2016

Bookmaking...... Again!

I love using photographs I have taken in my creations. 
I took this photograph a year or two ago, but recently played with it on my computer.

I choose a small section of it, changed the colours and
 used it to decorate the cover of this book. 

I printed off a mirror image of this photograph I took and
 added some ink and paint for another book cover. 

I manipulated an image of some trees on my computer and 
then added some subtle bits of colour by hand for this cover. 

And for the final one of this bookmaking spree, I added some paint
 and ink to a photograph of some flowers and grasses. 

I have so many other images that are waiting to be played with. 
Now I just have to find some time!


  1. As ever, all of them are beautiful! ♥♥♥♥

  2. The book covers are exquisite, as are your photos. As for getting more work done, it seems you've done quite a lot already! I would be very happy with myself if I had made these!

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  4. These are really beautiful. So glad to catch up with your lovely blog after such a long time away.