Monday, September 12, 2016

A Perfect Fit

Making jewelry out of antlers has been on my 
want to try list for a long time. 
Here are the 7 pieces that I managed to finish.

I have some more on my work table,
but need to get a new drill bit after breaking the one I was using. 

These ones are made from moose or caribou antler. 
 I really like that they are uneven and chunky.

I cut and shaped some reclaimed metal to make the bails, 
and connected them with a piece of brass wire that I hammered. 

I decided on using simple black cords to hang them on 

And then tried them on. 
I think they fit perfectly!
 (or just as I had imagined anyway) 


  1. Way cool!!!! And very 'regional'. I'm not sure where I'd get antlers around ;)

  2. That's something you don't see every day 'antler jewellery'. They look great and I think the black leather cord was a great choice.

  3. utterly delightful! i love the photo of you :D gorgeous.x