Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Layered Houses


I finally finished my collage house concertina style book. 

It opens up showcasing houses patched together 
with bits and pieces of my decorated paper. 

It can be displayed completely open so you can see its whole story,
or so you can see each two page spread. 

I am still not sure what the stories are of these little houses, 
but I am sure that they were inspired by my recent trip to Cuba
where I loved the aged beauty of the buildings.

 They seemed to have layers and layers of stories.  

 I started the layering of this piece by tea staining the watercolour paper 
and then drawing patterned lines on it.  

I added acrylic paint to the background, and the lines almost disappeared.  
I made the houses and moved them around many times before they found their final resting place.  

In the end the torn tear drop shapes were not part of the inside pages.

The covers are made of book board covered with painted black paper. 
The front cover has this little house.....

while the back is decorated with the torn tear drop shapes.

And to give you the scale of this piece - here I am holding the finished book. 


  1. These are incredible! You have intense talent and such a unique perspective. I adore the washing on the line, in particular, along with your lovely warm pretty face. Thank you for sharing your work! xo (still living in your earrings..)

  2. Very cool, and awesome size.. I like your large format!

  3. Aren't you a cutie! That being said.....LOVE your little houses. Houses in artwork are the BEST! I especially love the clothesline! ♥♥♥♥♥

  4. Such beautiful artwork in collaged little houses!

  5. Such a brilliant idea! I love hearing that you got to go to Cuba and I love that you shared your process in wonderful photos.

  6. Hi Kim! Beautiful work. Beautiful you.
    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  7. Lovely and charming book - this is a little town I'd like to visit! Thanks for sharing.

  8. A quick blog posting Never equals the hours that can sometimes go into the making of a piece like this, right? This is truly a masterclass on so many levels! Great job:) 🌻Laura