Monday, April 23, 2018

A New Medium to Play With

I have always been intrigued by traditional rug hooking....
but I knew it wasn't for me.  

Then I saw punchneedle creations, and I so wanted to give it a try. 
One day I saw that The Crafter's Box had created a kit taught by Bookhou 
and I placed an order.......

..... and this is what I made. 

I placed it among some of my other creations 
on the little ledge on the railing of my loft studio.
It may get moved again, but for now I like it there. 

I loved the process and can't wait to try some more pieces of my own design 
- but for now other projects are waiting there turn!


  1. It's beautiful! (Now I have to go look up the difference between rug hooking and punch needle.....) ;)

  2. I'm a long time punch needle worker (player?). Its so good to see your piece on your blog. I am totally addicted to PN and have made all sorts of trinkets and even larger hangings using PN. I find much peace just 'coloring' with thread.

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  4. Kim, this is a lovely piece! I’ve done rug hooking (decades ago) and although the result may look similar, it produces a larger piece more quickly than punch needle. Also, it’s not easy on the hands, don’t think I could do it ever again with my hand issues. Actually, I don’t think punch needle would be easy for me either, but oh well, that’s aging! I have a blogging friend who has decided that punch needle is to be her chosen craft. Try this link: or you can find her blog by googling for “Art Journey”. There are so many new things to try, reminds me of the saying “http://artjourney-penny.blogspot.comSo many wines, and so little time”. Lol. PS...I love your bowls!

    1. Sorry, messed up the address for the punch needle blog. Tried to fix things once, not deleting it again. ;)

  5. I love it! My grandmother taught me traditional rug hooking when I was a girl. I still remember how to do it but no longer have the precious hook or frame she gave me. No idea what happened to it.

    I tried punch needle but got frustrated so put it down. There are so many pretty designs out there that I should give it another go. Happy stitching and creating!

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